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    The Power of NOW

    through the Sword


    The Power of NOW

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    The Art of the Sword



    The Spirit of the Sword

  • Sensei Klaus J.R.

    You are ready to invest time into YOUR spiritual and physical development on a daily basis.

    With practicing the ART & SPIRIT of the SWORD

    you will free the warrior inside yourself

    and walk the path of life

    with a conscious awareness..

  • the power of now through the way of the sword

    We are slaves of our brain.

    Most of our life we are busy thinking about the past or the future even both are only constructs of our brain. But we are not our brain! Identification with our mind through a false self, the Ego, creates a substitute for the true self which will keep you in the unconscious state of your life situation. Forget for a moment your life situation and give your life your full attention. Your life situation exist only in the time which is also only an imagination of your brain. Your life is NOW. In the now there are no problems. If you are full of problems then there is no space to create something new and no space for a solution. Whenever you can, create room, so that you can find your life which is far deeper than your life situation. If you ever experienced an emergency situation on life and death you know that there was no problem at this moment. Your mind didn't had the time to play around with the situation and create a problem out of it. In a real emergency situation your mind stop working, you become completely conscious in the Now

    and a much bigger power take the lead.

    In the training with the sword you always imagine real combat. As a warrior with the sword you are forced to be in the Now - a state full of vitality, free of time, free of problems, free of thinking, free of the load of personality. To leave the state of Now just only for a fraction of a second could result in death. I always tell my students to use this experience in daily life ... walk like a warrior. Walk conscious, be grounded, be aware of your surrounding, see everything, hear everything, smell everything but do not think - just be in the Now ...

    and train daily. The way is in training.

  • The essence of the sas training system

    Free your warrior spirit with Love & Peace ... and daily training.

  • online courses

    S P I R I T & A R T of the S W O R D

    Training System

    for YOU

    @ home


    Sword Fight 2

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    Sword Combat

    Course 1

    for Couples

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    Samurai Sword WORKOUT

    Fitness for Body & Soul

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    Sword Fight 3

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    Sword Fight 1

    34 Lectures

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    روح و فن السيف - كورس للمبتدئن

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  • The Way is in Training

    Katana Practice

    If you want to be good in a skill you have to practice, practice, practice, until you get it right ... Bruce Lee




    Shadow Sword Fight 3

    25 lectures to cut down your ghosts





    Beginner Course Introduction

    Change your lifestyle ... and free the warrior inside You

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